Strongman’s His Name…What’s His Game?

First, I am glad and rejoice in the fact that you want to go deeper in your Christian walk with Jesus Christ. To go deeper, one of the first areas we need to identifiy is the area of spiritual warfare.  We must pull back the sheets on the strongman, so that we can biblically engage hm in spiritual warfare.
Class begins at 7:30am – Foundational Questions and Strategies
  • Discussions in our workbook (each chapter will take a class and ½ to go over)
Class ends at 8:30pm
How to study our workbook (you want to research)?
  • Biblical Google Search – read what biblical scholars say 
  • Investigate scriptures and explore cross references 
The strongman, how do we identify?
  • Answer the question 
    • What is the make-up of the strongman?
    • What is his movement in society?
    • What scripture can be used to conform him?
    • How can I guard myself and my family from him?
    • If this strongman is currently active in my life, how do I begin to bind him?

Wednesday, February 20th will be Wednesday Night Church at 7:00pm; classes will be resume on Wednesday, February 27th.  We will touch on the Spirit of Divination but I want you to begin an in depth study on Chapter 2, “Familiar Spirit,” Leviticus 19:31.  Finish the Course! – Pastor