about us

Our Purpose
We are a non-denominational, evangelical body of believers assembled for the edification of the saints; propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the glorifying of God, our Heavenly Father in all that we say or do.
Our Mission
We have been commissioned by God, to be light to the world by first bringing honor and glory to God, through evangelism, discipleship, fellowship by the word of God, sharing love and bringing lives into unity with one another through Christ.
Our History 
Rooted Bible Fellowship began because of a burden and vision laid upon Pastor Webster’s heart.  To see a church planted that would present a biblical perspective for a biblical life style that would, in turn, impact society for God. 

The Lord led him to three men and their families.  They began meeting together for prayer and planning.  Bible studies started in the basement of Pastor Webster’s home with a total of  eight families.  We are also impacting the Edgewood community with our outreach program known as “Urban Impact”.
On September 20, 1998, Rooted Bible Fellowship held its worship service, which was held in the Multipurpose Room at the Edgewood  Middle School, Edgewood, Maryland.   The rest is the fulfillment of God’s vision for Rooted  Bible  Fellowship  Church.


We at Rooted Bible Fellowship Church shall always seek to share the gospel and do the work of the ministry because of the Great Grace of God! II Corinthians 5:14-15